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It might be….it could be….but will it be?

September 2, 2010

Dutchie Caray, the widow of Harry Caray, has publicly thrown her support behind Ryne Sandberg’s candidacy to become the next manager of the Chicago Cubs:

“Ryne and Margaret [Sandberg’s wife] are good friends of mine,” said Caray, who was wearing a Cubs hat and No. 23 Sandberg jersey. “I love them. I think he’s a great guy. He’s come a long way, and he’s paid his dues.”

….she believes her late husband would support a Sandberg-for-manager campaign.

“He would be very happy I think,” Caray said. “He really liked Ryno. Between him and Stan Musial, those were his two very, very favorite ballplayers. That’s a lot to say for Ryne because I don’t think Stan is able to do any managing today [Musial is 90].”

So it’s official, right? The Chicago fans, who some might say are owed some consideration after a rough century, want Sandberg. The Cubs’ roster, which is currently a mash-up of scrappy young guys who already know Ryno from Triple-A and mostly overpaid veterans who could stand a dose of his work ethic, seems designed to respond well to him. Harry Freaking Caray is lobbying for him from beyond the grave.

Yep, it’s official—the Cubs will hire somebody else, because the Cubs never, ever do anything right.

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