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Seventh-inning stretch

January 24, 2011

Just for fun: The single best thing about blogging isn’t the opportunity to share your Constitutionally-protected thoughts and ideas with a wide audience at no cost. It’s the site-statistics report that lists the search terms people have used to find your blog. Check out some of the most common phrases that have led websurfers this way…..

  • mel gibson kiss
  • football gay kiss
  • gay kiss world record!!! –in hd!!
  • dustin hoffman naked
  • jason bateman naked
  • angel gay kiss
  • hot gay kiss
  • jodie foster gay kiss
  • dustin hoffman gay kiss
  • jason bateman gay kiss
  • jason bateman in drag
  • dude where’s my car gay kiss
  • white sox manager gay kiss
  • jesus gay kiss
  • lips of bear gay kiss
  • sears tower gay cruising
  • glory hole locker men
  • nuns playing football
  • nuns in agony

In the spirit of increasing traffic to the blog, therefore, I will henceforth be writing a lot about famous Hollywood nuns sharing gay kisses atop the Sears Tower. In HD!!!

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