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Wild thing, you make my feminist heart sing

March 3, 2011

It’s old news now, but how much do we love Justine Siegal for becoming the first woman to pitch BP to a major-league team?

Siegal, whose 13-year-old daughter accompanied her to the ballpark, identifies as an advocate for women in baseball, having played amateur ball and coached professionally, including a stint with a men’s team. She says she grew up dreaming of being Orel Hershiser, and didn’t realize until she was 15 that her fantasy of playing in the big leagues wasn’t likely to come true—at least not unless she paved her own way.

Siegal spent months petitioning officials from every Major League team for the opportunity to throw to their hitters; the Indians, to their credit, were the only ones to welcome her to the mound, where by all accounts she acquitted herself exceptionally well, give or take a couple of early screamers to the backstop before she shook off her nerves.

In related news, due to the events of the last few months, Charlie Sheen’s future as a pitcher in an Indians uniform is reportedly in jeopardy. Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? Pssst….Justine….learn to uncork those wild pitches at will, get yourself some thick black glasses and an agent, and that part could be yours.

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