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Your move, everybody who isn’t the Giants

May 21, 2011

News flash: Petitions work! Sort of!

In the wake of a nationwide campaign, the San Francisco Giants have announced their plans to create a video for the “It Gets Better” Project—but (in keeping, I suppose, with the project’s anti-bullying message) they want to make it clear that they were going to do it all along, and the thousands of signatures and e-mails they got just goosed them a little:

Giants spokeswoman Staci Slaughter said that the team had been thinking of joining the campaign before Chapin started his petition drive, but that his efforts speeded things up.

Only a complete cynic who still carried with her the wounds of 1987 would think of doubting the “we had that idea first!” angle, and in truth, I don’t care much; I’m just glad to see a baseball team taking an active stance against homophobia and voicing its unapologetic support for the LGBT community.

In fact, if I’ve got one real concern, it’s that the rest of the big leagues will greet the Giants’ news with relief, tacitly figuring that it takes them off the hook. The announcement from San Francisco came out three days ago, but I’ve searched the internet in vain for any evidence of another team joining the effort, and in the “me too!” world of pro sports marketing, that silence is discouraging.

So let’s make it happen, shall we? Reader Matt has already created a Facebook page to encourage his Padres to show some love for the gays (not at the expense of time in the batting cages, though—Matt has his priorities), and as soon as the website starts cooperating, I’ll have a friendly Cardinal-directed petition to share. Anyone else want to jump on board?

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  1. Matt permalink
    May 23, 2011 2:08 pm

    Woohoo! Let’s do it!


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