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Monday, Tuesday, happy days

May 25, 2011

Daniel Descalso leads off third, already thinking about his next clutch hit.

As my home state of Missouri suffers from the destruction of the last round of tornadoes and the threat of the next, I feel some guilt about having spent the last two nights watching the Cardinals in balmy San Diego. But at least the Redbirds gave the fans back home a reason to cheer, even though they continue to waste more energy than a Hummer limousine by failing to move runners and leaving scads of men on base. There’ll be more (and better) from this trip coming soon, but in the meantime, scroll down (and/or click “read more”) to see a few of my photos from the action.

Somebody forgot to tell Tony that you can't win a war of words with a guy named James Joyce.

That's a winner!

My only shot of the elusive Big Mac. (Look closely!)

Chris Carpenter during Tuesday's batting practice. (No doubt about it, though, the star of BP was Matt Holliday, who tomahawked baseball after baseball into the outfield bleachers, tweaked quad and all.)

The affable Gerald Laird and his sad little busted paw. Fortunately, Tony Cruz's three-hit debut took a bit of the sting out of losing our backup backstop.

Kyle Lohse from behind.

Yes. That.

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  1. May 25, 2011 7:36 pm

    Awesome pictures. Love the one of Lohse — very cool shot of his tattoo (and I am not a tattoo fan at all).

    But the last one definitely says it all.

    • fearlessleader permalink*
      May 25, 2011 7:53 pm

      Thanks, Chris. The news from Joplin is certainly serving to remind me that there are bigger problems in the world than the fact that Tyler Greene is still on this team. Hope the weather in your part of Cardinal country is cooperating.

      P.S. We had a late-night snack at a table next to Miguel Batista the other night (other adjacent tables seated John Rooney, Allen Craig, and Gerald Laird), and I think you should know a couple things: 1) He’s SO MUCH BETTER-LOOKING in street clothes! 2) We sneaked a peek at his paper place-mat later in the hopes that he might have scribbled a poem on it, Picasso-style. Nope. 3) We spent an hour sending positive vibes to his table, and what do you know—two shutout innings the next night!

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