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Marion….for Madam Nonagenarian

June 9, 2011

Sad news, friends: Much like the Cardinal offense, Dolores was under the weather yesterday, so our story-telling and movie-making session had to be postponed. She expects her stay on the DL to be a brief one, though, and we’ll reschedule soon.

In honor of Dolores’s all-time favorite Cardinal, and in honor of Albert Pujols’s newly clean-shaven face, please enjoy this 1953 advertisement for Gillette razors—featuring the phenomenally talented (well, on the field, if not the stage) and boyishly smooth-faced Marty “Slats” Marion—instead:

TRUE FACT: If you watch this video seven hundred and nineteen times in rapid succession, you may be able to rid yourself, temporarily, of the nightmarish vision of those Swisher-versus-Papelbon (or, more accurately, Swisher-and-Papelbon-versus-all-that-is-decent-and-non-emetic) shaver commercials currently running on a continuous testosterone-fueled loop on every sports network in America!

Good luck with that. And get well, Dolores.

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