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Three ways to pass an off-day

September 26, 2013

wainoAn off-day? What kind of cruel joke is this? Just when the Cardinals are whipping up some Mike-Shannon-grade momentum and the Reds and Pirates are trending in the other direction, just when the magic number’s finally been shaved down to 1, all three teams are grinding to a halt for one barren and excruciating Thursday. What’s a Redbird fan to do? Here are a few humble suggestions to get us through to mid-morning, at least….

Instead of….
Tying ourselves into knots over the possible postseason match-ups ahead

How about we….
Have a dance party with the Cardinals! Click right here; that’s the page of results you get from searching “St. Louis Cardinals dancing” on Youtube. Watch a few of the clips. Watch the rest of the clips. Fall even more deeply in love with this utterly lovable team.

Instead of….
Grieving over Michael Wacha’s oh-so-close-to-a-no-hitter on Wednesday evening

How about we….
Take a few moments to marvel at how young this guy really is, and how many years he’ll have ahead of him, assuming he stays healthy, to get that 27th out. Seriously: Wacha was born on July 1, 1991, one day before Axl Rose trashed St. Louis’s Riverport Amphitheater and five weeks after Thelma and Louise first visited the Grand Canyon. This is his Little League picture, and it was taken after the turn of the millennium. These are his parents, and they aren’t in costume—they were actually children of the 1980s. Wacha figures to be around for a while, and there’s a better-than-average chance that we still haven’t seen the best of him. (If you need something else to marvel at, how about the fact that Wacha’s brilliant performance was only the second-best start we’ve seen from a Cardinal rookie pitcher this season?)

Instead of….
Fretting over the long and ever-shifting list of injured Cardinals

How about we….
Read this beautiful article by Derrick Goold about how Jason Motte lost his season to Tommy John surgery but found a whole new calling, helping kids with cancer. This isn’t your standard-issue heartwarming story, and Motte isn’t your standard-issue celebrity do-gooder. If you’re not sufficiently verklempt after that one, check out this sweet piece about a Cardinal fan club whose members, all suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, still enjoy connecting with one another over their memories of Redbird highs and lows from decades past.

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