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The Kolten Wong Pun Power Rankings

August 8, 2014

kolten-wong-shirtless-cardinals-360x240Obviously, the best and worst thing about a two-homer game from Kolten Wong is the explosion of Twitter puns it sets off, so let’s take a quick moment on this Friday morning to rank (in this blogger’s humble opinion only) which ones are hot and which ones are wong overdue to be retired:


#1: Take the Wong Way Home. Oh, NICE. Cardinal70 gets the credit for this one, which earns points not only for originality, but for providing a nice earworm as a bonus. (I should note that while Cardinal70’s inspiration came from Norah Jones, my mind went immediately to Supertramp, but you can’t really go wrong with either one.)

#2: Hawaiian Punch. I’m impressed by the avoidance of the obvious here, and also I’m thirsty. Mmmm, dyed sugar water.

#3: Two Wongs make a right. Variations of this one (“make a night,” “make a Wright”) were all over the Twittertubes last night, so I can only imagine that a whole bunch of people were waiting for Kolten’s first twofer to turn it loose. Topical, pithy.

#4: The Wong Show: Though lots of people have used this, I first saw it from Jim Hayes, so it’s fitting that it’s pleasant and harmless and adorably dated.

#1739: Chicks dig the Wong ball: Ugh. Stop already.


… be continued…..

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